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Fukushima Pictures 4 years on With scarred skies, scratched negatives, shots of shattered railways and dead wildlife, Japanese photographers respond to the tragic events of 11 March 2011, when an earthquake led to a tsunami and nuclear reactor leak

A shot from Rasen Kaigan (Spiral Shore), by Lieko Shiga. Morning Glow, by Kikuji Kawada. Minamisanriku, Motoyoshi, Miyagi Prefecture, by Kōzō Miyoshi, who was among the first photographers to engage with the 3/11 disaster by travelling to the sites of destruction. Portrait of Cultivation, by Shiga Lieko. From the series Caesium, by Masato Seto, one of the few photographers to gain direct access to the nuclear plant after the disaster. Untitled, from the series Site/Cloud, by Daisuke Yokota. Another image from Rasen Kaigan, by Shiga Lieko. Onahama, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, from the series Mirrors in Our Nights by Takashi Arai. From the series Mushrooms from the Forest by Homma Takashi.

Into The Wake Exhibition: a Japanese response in pictures to Fukushima disaster.

(wrong country I know but I don’t care, it’s a good soundtrack to the photos) Pere Ubu – Chinese Radiation