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Handmade, No Sweat – David Garner – 2009

David Garner is an award winning artist originally from Ebbw Vale
His work is radical and political. I like this installation “Handmade, No Sweat” (2009),
for several obvious reasons related to capitalist exploitation of un-developed countries and child labour, and a satirical swipe at consumerism, materialism and the worship of commodities, but I also like it because of recognising the knitting patterns (inside the Yurt) for young children’s and toddler’s clothes that transport me back to the time when my Mam and my Nan used to make virtually ALL the clothes for me and my Sister.
I still have nightmares about a purple striped cardigan… {{{shiver}}},_No_Sweat.html

Handmade, No Sweat     2009        (213cm x 132cm)

(Small Yurt, Welsh woollen blankets, knitted children’s clothes, rag rug, knitted patterns, felted blanket with knitting needles, yarn)