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My blog has gone crazy overnight had a lot of Uk, USA traffic but visitors from Hungary, India, Spain and Australia too. Now well over Three Thousand Two hundred visitors.

Almost every night I have a constant battle with pain, insomnia and a fight with incredibly powerful demons. When I get up most mornings I’m mentally and physically exhausted. For example, today I found I had put 4 tea bags in my mug, it wasn’t at all nice.

When I check my blog and my site Stat’s during the day, it’s always a really nice feeling that I’m connecting with other people around this small globe we all call home.

I get a lot of help from Eastern buddhist philosophical thought and western philosophical teachers, ancient and modern. I hope you do too, when it’s just as dark inside as it is outside.

I wrote a quote

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

by Roman philosopher Epictetus, born 55AD and I recently blogged about his guide to happiness in life too…