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It is safe to say that we are living in a celebrity culture, a major cause in us letting the world get into the state it is in. They have only really served to distract us from the truth.

“Celebs” have influence in almost everything we do, yet the great philosophers, the people who can actually progress the world, never get entertained by the mainstream.

So maybe celebs reading the works of some of those great philosophers might just be another avenue to go in getting people awake? Although I couldn’t see Kim Kardashian or Mylie Cyrus reading Chomsky or Zinn, could you?

This is an amazing speech by Howard Zinn read by his friend and actor Matt Damon.. some great lines about independence in there, but overall as speeches go, this one could be up there with the best of them?


Civil Obedience, in other words Passive acquiescent.

The Docile. Ambivalent. Conforming. Distracted. Women, young adults, old people. Commuters. Factory workers. disenfranchised unemployed, farm workers, shop workers, call centre drones. All fulfilling their roll, complicit in our apathy.

The Politicians, Military and Corporate interests like it that way.

We are spoonfed on a daily basis by every conceivable means of the media (Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent), a holy trinity where;

the Father is the Capital,

the Messiah is the Market,

and the Holy Spirit is the Free enterprise.

And the message they try to give is that there is no alternative.

But there is, several alternatives.