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I woke up this morning to a protracted item on BBC a Radio Four’s flagship Today programme that featured that utter CUNTSERVATIVE turned UberKIPper Mark Reckless MP commenting on the vile bias of Immigration Watch, it was totally unbalanced apart from the Polish Ambassador’s minor almost desperate input.

Like Mark McGowan says here, it’s election time coming, you sit down to your breakfast and they feed you hate and racism, that they make it up every single day.

Like the Daily Mail headline SLEEP GIVES YOU CANCER.

When it’s THIS SOCIETY that is fucking CANCEROUS! The majority of people are absorbing this message over their cornflakes, when they drive to work or doing the ironing or having an afternoon snooze, the messages are insidious, the headlines incessant. Even my own father’s attitude and conversation each time is right of Alf Garnett and informed by the Daily Heil or the BBC “we don’t tell you what to think but we tell you HOW to to think”. The Soft Power messages are everywhere.

we don’t have mainstream media, there’s nothing mainstream about it, it’s EXTREME. – John Pilger.