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2014 Dispersal poster




Ian Pritchard


The Four Horsemen Of Austerity
{Monetisation, Institutionalisation, Corporatisation, Exploitation}
mixed media
During the holiday weekend I bought 3m x 4m Red Velour exhibition carpet and spent saturday afternoon laying that instead of enjoying the weekend with either of my sons.
The ambient lighting for the area is really bugging me.
The area has just one 4ft fluorescent tube with no dispersal filter.
The Halogen spot light and the reading lamps that I brought in are not doing it for me.
I needed to think of another solution.
On Monday I decided to buy two four foot fluorescent fittings with dispersal filters and some trunking and cable and plug. It came to £46.
I fitted it all on Tuesday. I first spent some time with Chris Nurse discussing the optimum positions for my 7 main artworks and I showed him the three grid plans I’d done on the weekend.
We compromised and decided to put the four pop up artworks along the East wall of my area as he didn’t want me blocking the west corner and access doorway.
I showed him the idea I had for a subliminal hint of fascism on the floor of the trolley.
I arranged the wheels and crossed black cloth gaffer tape to hint at a swastika.
The new light fittings were a definite improvement but I still wasn’t satisfied so I decided to disperse the ambient light from the studio using three very large white, semi-opaque, cloth dust sheets.
It’s been quite a job.
I put up several lines of fishing line to stop the sheets from sagging and to provide support.
I secured it all with panel staples, panel nails and carpet/cloth adhesive.
The overall effect has made a considerable difference.
Red Carpet
Red, a primary colour has powerful connotations.
Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power.
Cosimo de’ Medici of Renaissence Florence furnished his court in Red as a signifier of his dynastic Power.
Red is the colour of extremes.
It’s the colour of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure.
Psychologists say that red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.
Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier.
Since it is an extreme colour, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations.
Interior Decorators say that red furniture will attract attention.
In contemporary times, Red is beloved of the corporate marketing environment. It entices. It means SALES. In this environment it means commodification and materialism. It has an allure.