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John McArthur is making his one-man protest outside LAMH in Motherwell [The Guardian].

  • So you think there’s no slavery in the UK? Read this:

A man who was laid off at the end of his temporary job has been ordered by the Department for Work and Pensions to work for the same company for six months without pay, according to The Guardian.


McArthur says he is surviving on a monthly pension of £149 after the DWP stopped his unemployment benefit until January as punishment for refusing to go on the 26-week community work placement (CWP).

For almost three months, McArthur has spent each weekday between 7.30am and 9. 30am with a placard outside the plant reading: “Say no to slave labour”.

“They [the government] deny it’s forced labour, that you can say no, but forced doesn’t always mean physical, it can be psychological or economic. The person who is trying to survive already on subsistence level welfare has absolutely no choice in the matter … especially if they’ve got young children to look after.”

Following conversations with local councillors, North Lanarkshire council passed a motion in October strongly objecting to forced employment schemes saying it would not get involved itself. “This council will not provide jobs or placements without pay as a condition of receiving benefits unless it is truly voluntary,” the motion read.

“We do not support any mandation of unemployed people to work without pay that puts their benefits at risk.”

The motion added such measures were ineffective and could “further stigmatise and demotivate” the unemployed in their search for work.

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The DWP have sanctioned Mr McArthur until January.

He has a meagre £149 monthly pension to live on after decades working as an Electronics Engineer, his expertise in Electronics was being exploited by thIs electronics recycling company.

And now the DWP has DECIDED HE MUST BE Triple Exploited in the same job he was told he was redundant from!
This could happen to anyone in work at any time.

This is why the Gov removed legal aid, this is why the Gov have tried to wipe out Unions. People in work are petrified.

The Gov are applying the tools of FASCISM it is plain as can be!

Mark McGowan, The Artist Taxi Driver has also spoken out: