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Inspiring my research dissertation for my MA.

The closest views to the truth that I have recently read.

An “invisible government of vested interest” … which has been painted white by the media.

how more accurate can you possibly get?

The only question I ask here is: whether these governments are made solely of humans? What the powerful are selling to the populations – through the Media – tyranny, oppression and war! Is by definition inhumane.

Last week, renowned journalist John Pilger spoke at a Q&A on media power with Des Freedman from the Media Reform Coalition who released his new book ‘The Contradictions of Media Power.’

We have picked some of our favourite quotes from John Pilger during the talk, which give us an insight of his experience and understanding of media power, which is something we can all learn from. And he definitely puts it best.


“The whole essence of media is not about information. It’s about power.”

“Today the media is, as the father of propaganda, Edward Bernays described, ‘an invisible government.’ It’s in the government. It’s in the government’s vested interests. The Prime Minister is a PR man by trade, and not a very good one. That’s all he is. He shouldn’t be taken seriously, he just has the position. That position allows him certain aspects of power. But the real power…

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