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Three nights. No Sleep.
Political and moral philosophy carries personal risks… philosophy teaches us and unsettles us by confronting us with what we already know…
It takes what we know to unfamiliar settings and makes it strange.
Philosophy estranges us from the familiar… by inviting and provoking a new way of perceiving. Once the familiar turns strange, the world is never quite the same again.
Self knowledge is like the loss of innocence. However unsettling one finds self knowledge, it can NEVER be un-thought, or, un-known.
Moral philosophy is a story, but where the story leads you don’t know, but what you know, is that the story is about you.
Philosophy is a distancing and debilitating activity. It destroys to create.
Philosophy is “a pretty toy” if one indulges at the right time of life, but if pursued further it leads to absolute ruin. (Plato)
Philosophy distances one from established conventions, assumptions and settled belief. Those are the risks. And in the face of risk, there are unavoidable and inescapable questions of existence that persist. Skepticism is an evasion, THE evasion.
“skepticism is a resting place for reason where it can reflect upon dogmatic wandering but is no place for permanent dwelling, to acquiesce (to skepticism) can never overcome the restlessness of reason.” – Immanuel Kant.