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Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius,

He has got away with it victorious.

Blew the brains out of his girlfriend,

and will do only 10 months in the end.


(2nd verse, worse than the first)

He got off light,

from his St Valentine’s Massacre,

Manslaughtered his girlfriend,

her name was Reeva,

She was having a shit,

but he didn’t believe her,

The bog’s the obvious place to find a “Blick” burglar?


Paralympian champ,

he bounced on Blades,

Now his shithouse needs repainting,

coz the mess he made.


All Rights Reserved.

(My mate Slagg from the punk Legends 100,000 Bodybags is putting a tune to this now… I don’t expect it to be bothering the iTunes download chart?)