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Can’t properly investigate CHILD rape reports but can summon hundreds of genetically modified TSG officers to the streets to smash the heads of people who want an affordable education?
This is our police force.

‘Books not Bombs’: Students march against tuition fees & cuts in London

Britain’s seen its biggest student protest in years – with thousands rallying against tuition fees in London. Some students turned on police, while others broke through the security barrier into Parliament Square. The mass protests are already being described as the largest student rally since 2010. Police say they’ve made six arrests, so far and that some officers have suffered minor injuries.

Amazing people, but the disabled people of Britain have been abandoned by The Church and targeted by Government and Police. We should be deeply ashamed as a society.

Ian Bone


Brilliant imaginative action by DPAC yesterday in trying to set up an Independent Living Centre in the grounds of WESTMINSTRR ABBEY but the cowardly Dean colluded with hundreds of police in removing them. All hail DPAC.
CLASS WAR will be joining in with DPAC’S next action at 2pm on ThURSDAY AT CAXTON HOUSE…..JOIN US.

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Spanish dignity marches met with Police violence and intimidation – are you feeling “free” yet?

see link for fully illustrated story.

22M Dignity Marches Gather a Million Peaceful Protesters in Madrid; Government of Spain Answers with Riot Police Violence.

The day began with tons of energy as the Dignity Marches prepared to take Madrid. But it didn’t take long to realize the Spanish government wasn’t going to make this easy, as reports started coming in of buses travelling to the marches being stopped, searched and the people inside identified by the Civil Guard on the outskirts of Madrid. The 22M organization put out a press release saying that around 100 buses were being detained in this manner, and that they wouldn’t take any responsibility for delays caused by this cheap tactic.

The firefighters also joined the marches, helping out with safeguarding it (from the police, most likely). The people like them a lot, because they have refused themselves from helping with evictions and have had some mediatic confrontations with police during protests.