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The Independent’s cartoonist, Dave Brown, in today’s edition of ‪#‎CharlieHebdo

Nick Clegg will today condemn calls for the revival of the so-called snoopers’ charter following the Paris terror attacks with the warning: “We do not make ourselves safer by making ourselves less free.”

The Deputy Prime Minister will put himself at odds with David Cameron who promised yesterday to give the intelligence services extra surveillance powers if he wins this year’s general election.

Mr Cameron pledged to bring in a “comprehensive piece of legislation that makes sure we do not allow terrorists safe space to communicate with each other”.

Senior Tories repeatedly attack their Lib Dem coalition partners for blocking proposals to allow the security services access to every person’s email and internet history as well as social media contacts.

Clegg warns of the danger of rushing in measures which “undermine the very freedoms we cherish” in reaction to terrorist outrages. And in this instance I have to agree.

Cameron and the Tories have been so opportunistic in using the Paris murders to push their totalitarian security agenda, it has been breathtaking!

Even George W Bush held back longer on draconian security enforcement following the 9/11 attacks!

In all the post-Paris grief, hypocrisy and hyperbole abounds from political leaders and media outlets. Yes, the attack was an act of evil; an inexcusable and merciless murder of innocent, unarmed victims.

I argue that none of us believes in an untrammelled right to free speech. We can all agree there are always going to be lines that, for the purposes of law and order, cannot be crossed; or for the purposes of taste and decency, should not be crossed. But we cannot let David Cameron and others use an incident of Islamofascist violence as an excuse to spy on us and as a means of compounding paranoia and fear of the other.

GCHQ already holds unprecedented abilities to intercept the online communications of citizens through its Tempora programme, as revealed in last year’s leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The difficulty for security services at the moment is that their technological capacities far outweigh the scope of the legislation that currently exists.

To some extent, the introduction of the Snooper’s Charter would be retrospective, looking to legally justify the abilities that GCHQ already have and already implement.



Since writing this I’ve discovered this article in yesterday’s edition of The New Statesman online BY LAUREN RAZAVI

(PUBLISHED 13 JANUARY, 2015 – 16:39)

Has terrorism already claimed its next victim Britain; our right privacy?

British officials have begun arguing in favour of stronger powers for the security services to intercept personal data.



David Cameron has said he will reintroduce the Snooper’s Charter if the Tories are re-elected in May 2015.

Writer and activist George Monbiot discuss the TTIP with Russell Brand

Russell Brand The Trews (E201)
I’m joined by writer and activist George Monbiot as we discuss the TTIP – a treaty backed by David Cameron that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty.

BBC radio 4 this morning.
It is OUR DEBT!!
yes folks OUR fucking debt.
We evidently spent the cash, gambled it away, lost it or frittered it. Ooh look, I have £8 billion worth of shite in my shed!
According to them the causes of the nation’s debt no longer has a connection with the banks, they aren’t responsible, we are!

Austerity therefore must be our fault, I realise we are paying for it, but I didn’t think for one second that we were responsible for it!!!
Obviously as the election looms the BBC connive with the Tories to shift the sand and the nations perspective to their storyline.

I’m sharing this from a Facebook post…

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Some things you may not know about Farage:

“A Man of the people? Here are the real facts about Farage
He is a public school-educated former City trader, working trade commodities beginning with Drexel Burnham Lambert before moving to Credit Lyonnais Rouse in 1986. Eight years later he joined Refco before Natexis Metals in 2003. Despite this he fools people into thinking that he is a genuine man of the people fighting against the establishment.
While Farage will be fighting the Tories in the upcoming general election,
back in the old days Farage was a member of the Conservative Party. He was in fact an active player with them in his public school until 1992 when he left in protest over John Major’s stance on the EU.
Helped by the BBC and Mass media who have been consistently biased towards Nigel Farage and he has appeared on BBC’s Question Time programme at least 16 times since 2009. The BBC has received almost 1,200 complaints about its coverage of the last European and local elections, saying it was biased towards Nigel Farage’s UKIP.
Quite why is a mystery.
Those who promote him as an ordinary guy have certainly pulled the wool over people’s eyes very successfully as 38% of UKIP voters believe he went to a grammar school and 25% that he went to a comprehensive. In fact he went to one of London’s most prestigious public schools, Dulwich College. Ironically, out of the four main party leaders, only Ed Miliband was educated at a comprehensive school but just 13% of the public know this – the majority think he went private.
In 2009 Farage was embroiled in an expenses scandal after the Guardian reported how he had received a total of £2million of taxpayers’ money in staff, travel and other expenses which should mean that he has got some explaining to do but few people know this because the tame Press ignore it. While he has admitted having claimed more than £205,000 of taxpayers’ money for office space which had been donated to the party for free most people think has is different to all the other mainstream political leaders.
The European Electoral Commission is currently deciding what action to take, as large donations such as free office space should have been declared within 30 days of acceptance. This was not done, and as a result, the offices used by the party appeared to have been leased commercially. Farage says he did declare the donation, but in a register in the European parliament rather than with the Electoral Commission.
In April this year, after pressure from the Electoral Commission to clarify the donations, Farage declared 14 donations with a total value of more than £205,000 which stretched back to 2001.
The fact that Farage has been paying no rent on the offices, near Bognor Regis, for 14 years, means he also needs to explain where £160,000 of taxpayers’ money has gone. Farage said he had declared the donation as a benefit in kind at the European parliament every year since 2001.
He said: “The Electoral Commission decided it’s a donation in kind to UKIP. I don’t understand it for a moment. I took advice which I thought at the time was right.” A UKIP spokesman said: “Every year since 2001, Mr Farage has declared in his European parliament register of interests the use of a rent-free office from J Longhurst Ltd. The premises has been used as his MEP office so the European parliamentary register was the logical place for it to be declared.”
Mr Farage also has a terrible attendance record in the European Parliament as he only has a 45.6% participation in roll call votes, a bit lower than the 55% he claims. When compared to his colleagues, though, the UKIP leader does not exactly stand out for zeal: he ranks 758th out of 766 MEPs – only eight MEPs have a worse record of votes in Strasbourg.”

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Plinth Guy DAN!!! being interviewed by Mark McGowan



The Plinth Guy – the Guy standing on the plinth of the Winston Churchill monument in Parliament square and 100 Metropolitan Police are surrounding him. MP Caroline Lucas Threatened with arrest if she gave him a piece of PIZZA!!!!

The Revolution will not be confiscated – The Blue Tarpaulin – OccupyLondon – The Artist Taxi Driver – Mark McGowan

I used a Blue Tarpaulin as the ground for my artwork for my FDip in 2012 I wrote about it here:

and here:


The Trivialisation of Democracy: The View From Parliament Square? ‪#‎occupydemocracy‬


@PeoplesSELondon: Take a look at this

Protestors in tears.”

@OccupyLondon: More brutal oppression of protestors at ‪#‎occupydemocracy‬ by police .

@OccupyLondon: Police inflicting pressure point pain to remove peaceful protestors aka ‪#‎extremists‬ ‪#‎occupydemocracy‬

@OccupyLondon: Live stream
‪#‎occupydemocracy‬ ‪#‎TarpaulinRevolution‬

The General Assembly of Occupy Democracy held in Parliament Square this evening issued a mass call to defend democracy in Parliament Square on Thurs. 23rd Oct. at 6pmOn 17 Oct 2014, Occupy Democracy began as a call to Occupy Parliament Square for 9 days. 9 Days for peaceful actions, events, workshops and activities based around taking back our democracy.Since the first day, those on Parliament Square have seen nothing of democracy as masses of police are used to break up our peaceful demonstration. The response from authorities to our presence has been heavy-handed, undemocratic and cruel.THIS Thursday we are asking for a show of solidarity, a mass gathering in Parliament Square. If you planned to visit Occupy Parliament Square, 23 Oct at 6pm is when you’re needed most.WE are what democracy looks like…………………………………………………………
The original event that is ongoing can be found here: event text:There is a huge democratic deficit. Political decisions are mostly the product of powerful economic interests. The 1% fund our political parties and our media. The views and opinions of the public on issues like the NHS, energy and rampant inequality are being ignored.We need to shift the power so state decisions reflect the will of the 99%. Loads of people are campaigning on different issues and we need to pull all these threads together. First as they are all symptoms of the power of the 1%, and second because if we’re divided we’re ruled.­­­­­­­­­THE CAMPAIGN:

The goal of the Occupy Democracy campaign is to direct the energy from current single issue struggles into a critical mass that can radically challenge the corrupt and unrepresentative system.


We will Occupy parliament square for 9 days in October, to broadcast and demand the solutions we already know exist, to inspire people to be the active citizens required to take back democracy from powerful economic interests. It will be the launch pad for ongoing nationwide events.The Occupation will be the rallying point to join together from all our backgrounds, using the energy of the amazing actions that will be happening between now and then. It will be the start of a campaign for a sane and just democracy, that isn’t about just voting but about changing the conversation and mobilising people so those votes can really count.

For too long our energies have been taken up by firefighting the worst new disasters to be imposed – fracking, privatisation of the NHS, cuts targeting the elderly and disabled – the list goes on!

To reclaim democracy we need to get on the front foot by channelling the energy from these defensive campaigns into a movement about the much better, fairer, happier world we are for.

The planning of the camp and keeping it alive depends on the help of our volunteers. We welcome anybody to join, and can find something useful to do for any skill set. To find out the details for our next meeting, or to suggest a way in which you can give a hand, get in touch via email: Alternatively, you can join in the work once the camp has started.


Quote from the Tory Party End of Conference Speech (go to 24 seconds);



This otherwise stunningly beautiful song by John Grant is called GMF

the chorus reminds me of these scum in the Tory party the Greatest Mother Fuckers that you’re ever gonna meet…

Don’t ya just love clever, funny men?

Steve Hughes on war on terror, global warming and X-factor

performed on 16 december 2011, Live at the Apollo.