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‘Art as a Weapon’

My favourite quote (and one that motivates all my art outcomes) George Grosz –

“My art was to be a gun & a sword; my drawing pens I declared to be empty straws as long as they did not take part in the fight for freedom.”

Peter Ulrich Weiss, vols I-III, ‘Aesthetics of Resistance / Die Asthetik des Widerstands’, (1975-1981) said:
“Meaning derives in the refusal to renounce resistance no matter how intense the suppression and it is in and through art that new models of political action and social understanding can be found.”

Mar 2, 2015

Staff at the National Gallery London held a 5-day strike against privatisation. This is a report on the Day of Action against Mark Getty, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gallery.


National Gallery Strike against Privatisation

by Drift Report

CLARA speaks to Mark McGowan (The Artist Taxi Driver)

The National Gallery is attempting to outsource all 400 gallery assistants to a private company. The Board is made up of Getty and Rothschild Billionaires, Heseltine’s wife, and ex City Hedge Funders.

The PCS Union rep was suspended hours before the worker’s first industrial action. The same is happening to public art galleries as is happening to the National Health Service. Privatisation by stealth.
Build a bonfire put the Tories on top
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The Elites are practicing what Joseph Nye called Soft Power. This is not what capitalism is about, it should more correctly be called CORPORATISM. The binding together of Fascism and corporations.

“Cabinet ministers have been quietly approving hefty pay rises for some of their own special advisers while freezing or imposing sub-inflation increases on the pay of millions of other civil servants and public sector workers, official figures show.

Are you a nurse, firefighter, police, teacher, public sector worker???
Are you pissed off that Jeremy Hunt doesn’t think you are worth a pay rise for the fourth year on the bounce?
I bet you’re brimming with joy to learn of some unelected special advisor (“spades”) getting over 36% salary increases again this year!

>>> These scum do not represent You and Yours – they represent private interests – time for a massive clear out!

The rises – which in the case of one special adviser at Iain Duncan Smith’s Department for Work and Pensions was 36% last year – were condemned as outrageous last night by civil service unions and the Labour party.

The news follows a decision last week by Jeremy Hunt to refuse an across-the-board pay rise to hundreds of thousands of NHS staff.

This increase had been recommended by an official pay review board, and the decision means that NHS workers and many others in the public sector will now face a fourth year of below-inflation rises.

The same tough settlements have not applied, however, to several ministerial special advisers (“spads”), who are temporary civil servants employed to give political advice to ministers.

Last year David Cameron’s own chief of staff, Ed Llewellyn, received a 12% increase, from £125,000 to £140,000, which means he now earns more than double the £66,396 salary of an MP.” – The Guardian

These “advisers”are the same people sacked 3 years ago with loads of political announcements – by this Government – as part of their “cost-cutting” measures to make efficiency savings. – it was a charade!

““What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?” If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system.” – Tony Benn.

The QUEEN got a £5,000,000 PAY RISE this year – not PAY – a pay RISE!


The Minimum wage was increased by NINETEEN PENCE – you have to work 5 hours to get NINETY FIVE PENCE

SORRY TO WAKE YOU – go back to sticking your heads in the fucking sand. While your head’s in the sand, your ARSE is in the fucking air – and YOU are getting fucking SHAFTED!