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Not satire… It’s the Tory scum.

the most expensive MP in Britain is the one given the job of attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain…




image No!

it’s Priti by name,

deeply Ugly by nature,


Prior to becoming the MOST EXPENSIVE MP IN BRITAIN, she worked as a public relations advisor to British American Tobacco, where she was linked to the sinister ‘Project Sunrise’.

This is believed to be part of the initiative established by cigarette firm Phillip Morris which aimed to create the “dawn of a new day” for the tobacco industry by smearing anti-smoking groups as extremist.

Patel continued supporting the tobacco industry following being elected, voting in favour of ending the smoking ban in 2010 and speaking out against plain cigarette packaging.

Patel also worked in corporate relations for alcohol giant Diageo, whose so-called charitable arm Tomorrow’s People were famously responsible for expecting unemployed unpaid workers to sleep under a bridge during the Queen’s Jubiliee celebrations.

In her new role as Employment Minister she will be responsible for handing out lucrative contracts to manage workfare schemes to organisation’s such as Tomorrow’s People.

She’s also a supporter of Aidan ‘Nazi Boy’ Burley’s Trade Union Reform Campaign (TURC). In 2012 Patel was one of the auth0rs of Brittania Unchained, a nasty diatribe penned by five Tory MPs which accused British workers of being the “worst idlers in the world”.

The book called on the UK workforce to “emulate China”, (where 70,000 people die in workplace accidents every year), or South Korea, (the suicide capital of Asia).

Priti Patel and death have never been far away.

Patel will put money before life at every turn.

This is what the modern Tory Party represents.

That Priti Patel is now in charge of benefit sanctions and sickness benefit assessments that have already claimed a growing number of lives is genuinely chilling.

Death now stalks the corridors of the DWP like never before.