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Dr. John and Dan Auerbach REVOLUTION (2012)

“Revolution” is track #2 on the album Locked Down.

It was written by Michels, Leon / Movshon, Nick / Rebennack, Malcolm / Auerbach, Dan / Weissenfeldt, Maximilian / Olive, Brian

Blind as a justice,
deaf is the power
Dumb lose our money
left us in a desperate hour
drivin’ me out of my sanity
Rebellious revolution.
Is it the final illusion?
Final solution!

.surrender, killed in their tracks
Babies, women raped. leaders on their back
Religious delusions
Stoned confusions
Prepare your revolution
Is this final solution?
Girl, is a mass insanity
Let’s all just pray right now!

The real…
Propaganda, hypocrisy
Did we lose our constitution?
Rebellious revolution
Is this the final solution?
A rebellious revolution
Is this the final solution?
The final solution