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Inspiring my research dissertation for my MA.

The closest views to the truth that I have recently read.

An “invisible government of vested interest” … which has been painted white by the media.

how more accurate can you possibly get?

The only question I ask here is: whether these governments are made solely of humans? What the powerful are selling to the populations – through the Media – tyranny, oppression and war! Is by definition inhumane.

Last week, renowned journalist John Pilger spoke at a Q&A on media power with Des Freedman from the Media Reform Coalition who released his new book ‘The Contradictions of Media Power.’

We have picked some of our favourite quotes from John Pilger during the talk, which give us an insight of his experience and understanding of media power, which is something we can all learn from. And he definitely puts it best.


“The whole essence of media is not about information. It’s about power.”

“Today the media is, as the father of propaganda, Edward Bernays described, ‘an invisible government.’ It’s in the government. It’s in the government’s vested interests. The Prime Minister is a PR man by trade, and not a very good one. That’s all he is. He shouldn’t be taken seriously, he just has the position. That position allows him certain aspects of power. But the real power…

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Jaques Rancière – the Hatred of Democracy, talk

Published on Dec 5, 2013

The French philosopher and critical thinker Jaques Rancière in conversation with writer Mikkel Bolt on democracy.

Democracy has become the triumph of the commodity, of individualism. The decline of the  democratic ideologue.

Sociology was born from counter-revolutionary theory.

Demos is the power of those that are not counted, that are not entitled to govern.


The Art of Conversation
Friday 13th september 2013
The Black Diamond
The Royal Library

Produced by Students Only! – The Royal Library’s dept. of cultural activites

Apologies for the source, I hate The Tory-graph, but when even a ultra-Establishment broad sheet like this is pointing out the insanity and inequity of the UK property bubble, isn’t worth highlighting.


£9Bn a year of PUBLIC tax money is put into the accounts of PRIVATE landlords in the UK.
Over a 10year period that’s £90Bn!!!

Imagine for one moment if we had a leadership that decided to put £90Bn as a long term investment in Not For Profit housing?
The UK economy would be BOOMING; thirty year olds who are in full time employment and desperate to have an independent life as a fucking ADULT wouldn’t still be living in their Mothers’ spare room.
Equity and cash flow would be spread across the whole economy not polarised and lying in the hands of a few.

Sorry. What am I saying?
Nah, you’d do better not to think, my mistake.

Everyone hates politics… and thinking.
And there’s charity telethons and all day sport on the TV.

The Spectacle must be adored. It doesn’t tell you what to think, it conditions you how to think.

R. Buckminster Fuller wrote the book Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity, in 1973. We’ve chosen. We’re fucked.


Mark McGowan has summed it up well in today’s broadcast.
£9Bn a year!! public housing money goes to private landlords
and 90,000+ British CHILDREN IN NEED of a home this Christmas!


I’m sharing this from a Facebook post…

Please Share and edify your nearest KIPPER…
You will probably have to read it to them…?

Some things you may not know about Farage:

“A Man of the people? Here are the real facts about Farage
He is a public school-educated former City trader, working trade commodities beginning with Drexel Burnham Lambert before moving to Credit Lyonnais Rouse in 1986. Eight years later he joined Refco before Natexis Metals in 2003. Despite this he fools people into thinking that he is a genuine man of the people fighting against the establishment.
While Farage will be fighting the Tories in the upcoming general election,
back in the old days Farage was a member of the Conservative Party. He was in fact an active player with them in his public school until 1992 when he left in protest over John Major’s stance on the EU.
Helped by the BBC and Mass media who have been consistently biased towards Nigel Farage and he has appeared on BBC’s Question Time programme at least 16 times since 2009. The BBC has received almost 1,200 complaints about its coverage of the last European and local elections, saying it was biased towards Nigel Farage’s UKIP.
Quite why is a mystery.
Those who promote him as an ordinary guy have certainly pulled the wool over people’s eyes very successfully as 38% of UKIP voters believe he went to a grammar school and 25% that he went to a comprehensive. In fact he went to one of London’s most prestigious public schools, Dulwich College. Ironically, out of the four main party leaders, only Ed Miliband was educated at a comprehensive school but just 13% of the public know this – the majority think he went private.
In 2009 Farage was embroiled in an expenses scandal after the Guardian reported how he had received a total of £2million of taxpayers’ money in staff, travel and other expenses which should mean that he has got some explaining to do but few people know this because the tame Press ignore it. While he has admitted having claimed more than £205,000 of taxpayers’ money for office space which had been donated to the party for free most people think has is different to all the other mainstream political leaders.
The European Electoral Commission is currently deciding what action to take, as large donations such as free office space should have been declared within 30 days of acceptance. This was not done, and as a result, the offices used by the party appeared to have been leased commercially. Farage says he did declare the donation, but in a register in the European parliament rather than with the Electoral Commission.
In April this year, after pressure from the Electoral Commission to clarify the donations, Farage declared 14 donations with a total value of more than £205,000 which stretched back to 2001.
The fact that Farage has been paying no rent on the offices, near Bognor Regis, for 14 years, means he also needs to explain where £160,000 of taxpayers’ money has gone. Farage said he had declared the donation as a benefit in kind at the European parliament every year since 2001.
He said: “The Electoral Commission decided it’s a donation in kind to UKIP. I don’t understand it for a moment. I took advice which I thought at the time was right.” A UKIP spokesman said: “Every year since 2001, Mr Farage has declared in his European parliament register of interests the use of a rent-free office from J Longhurst Ltd. The premises has been used as his MEP office so the European parliamentary register was the logical place for it to be declared.”
Mr Farage also has a terrible attendance record in the European Parliament as he only has a 45.6% participation in roll call votes, a bit lower than the 55% he claims. When compared to his colleagues, though, the UKIP leader does not exactly stand out for zeal: he ranks 758th out of 766 MEPs – only eight MEPs have a worse record of votes in Strasbourg.”

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius,

He has got away with it victorious.

Blew the brains out of his girlfriend,

and will do only 10 months in the end.


(2nd verse, worse than the first)

He got off light,

from his St Valentine’s Massacre,

Manslaughtered his girlfriend,

her name was Reeva,

She was having a shit,

but he didn’t believe her,

The bog’s the obvious place to find a “Blick” burglar?


Paralympian champ,

he bounced on Blades,

Now his shithouse needs repainting,

coz the mess he made.


All Rights Reserved.

(My mate Slagg from the punk Legends 100,000 Bodybags is putting a tune to this now… I don’t expect it to be bothering the iTunes download chart?)

Don’t ya just love clever, funny men?

Steve Hughes on war on terror, global warming and X-factor

performed on 16 december 2011, Live at the Apollo.

Did you cry? Were you angry when you saw the dead babies of Gaza? Did you speak your mind on social media like millions of others?

Facebook, NSA, GCHQ, were monitoring people’s emotional response to dead children of Gaza.

Video by Mark McGowan, The artist Taxi Driver