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UK television CHANNEL 4 documentary “Dispatches” – “LOW PAY BRITAIN”

Was an investigation into how companies are lowering their tax bills by using loop holes not to pay minimum wage, N.I, and TESCO “ultra part-time” contracts.

TESCO saved £100,000,000 in non payment of National Insurance and employee tax, by exploiting the the “ultra-part time” loop hole where they pay you less than £153/week and less than 4 hours work/day. They do not give you more hours to survive, they simply take on others on “ultra-part time” as and when they require. Workers already employed are left precariously surviving below a Living Wage.

It’s a blatant war of exploitation!

Also shown, the temporary recruitment agencies bringing in gangs or workers from Hungary and Poland then sacking them after 8 weeks to avoid employment rights they would enjoy if employed for 12 weeks and over.
These immigrant workers are then left broke and stranded in Britain by the same Recruiters!
These Agency Recruiters coach companies in how to avoid paying workers minimum wage, and how to avoid taxes. The company involved is fashion clothing warehouse ASOS.

The DWP also actively moving unsuitable people into self-employment just to reach targets – which they vehemently deny exist but – which whistle-blowers say they are enforcing and threat from managers. These newly self-employed individuals are no-hopers, they may have a college certificate but absolutely no experience. They are set adrift by the government department whose only motive is reduction of figures for the odious Iain Duncan-Smith (a “man” I hate with a PASSION!)

150119toryjobsmiracle[Image: Eoin Clarke.]

There are several reasons we should be sceptical about David Cameron’s
pledge to make the UK a nation of ‘full employment’.Firstly, his campaign
poster has lied about his record so far.
Why should anyone believe his claims about what he’ll do in the future?

Secondly, everybody knows that the Tories’ woeful neo-liberal ideology
demands a large number of people have to be unemployed, in order to keep
wages down – and Cameron very much wants the UK to remain a low-wage
economy. Indeed Karl Marx outlined this in 1848, as a necessity of Kapital, it’s an integral part of wage-suppression, magnificently simplified One hundred and one years ago
in Robert Tressel’s “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists”, chapter 21 – “The Great Money Trick” (1914).

Thirdly, look at the jobs he has managed to “create”:
zero hours contracts, part-time work, under-employment rife.
If that’s his idea of what we need in order to create full employment, then he should be looking forward to his own P45 in May! Since 2009, the number in UK employed on zero contracts has risen from 167,000 to over 250,000!!! [ONS stats.]
Or, as David Schneider put it on Twitter:

“Cameron’s promise of full employment is to guarantee everyone in the country a job that doesn’t pay enough for them to live on.”

He thinks we don’t realise what a deliberate, diabolical mess he has made of the British jobs market and economy – but don’t worry!

Here’s a way to clarify matters:

Are you stuck in part-time work when you want to be earning full-time wages?

Have you been forced to accept a zero-hours contract, so you don’t know when you’ll be working but can’t claim benefits when you’re not?

Are you on a temporary contract, rather than in permanent work?

Are you earning less than the minimum wage – on a government work programme, for example – or are you earning less than a living wage in a full-time, part-time or zero-hours job?

If so, it’s time to stop calling it a job. Call it EXPLOITATION!


In what has been criticised as disgusting opportunism in invoking WWI.

The chancellor of the exchequer of UK Government has said that it will ‘retire’ £218m of the UK’s £2bn First World War debt by refinancing bonds originally issued by Winston Churchill.
The UK has paid a total of £1.26bn in interest on these bonds since then.
The debt has not been paid off before because of the relatively low interest it incurs.
The Treasury plans to cut the annual cost of the debt by re-borrowing money at current market rates. It is the first such move for 67 years.
The bonds that Chancellor George Osborne has acquired have a lower rate than the 4% interest on the debt.
The continued existence of the war bond debt illustrates the lasting shadow cast by World War One.
According to the UK Treasury there are currently 11,200 registered holders of the bonds.
Winston Churchill first issued “4% Consols” in 1927 when he was Chancellor partly to refinance bonds from the First World War.
In addition to the war bonds, some of the debt being refinanced by the Treasury dates back to the 18th Century.
One of these bonds was issued by William Gladstone in 1853 to consolidate the capital stock of the South Sea Company, which was founded in 1711.
The South Sea Company collapsed during the South Sea Bubble financial crisis of 1720, leaving behind it a lot of debt.
In 1932 Chancellor Neville Chamberlain converted some war bonds into “perpetuals”. This gave the government the right not to pay back the loans, as long as they continued paying 3.5% interest on them.
Perpetual bonds, as the name suggests, pay a steady stream of interest forever.

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“This party is the trade union for children from the poorest estates and the most chaotic homes; this party is the union for the young woman who wants an apprenticeship; teenagers who want to make something of their lives – this is who we resent.” – PM (call me) Dave Cameron, Oct 1st 2014.

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This otherwise stunningly beautiful song by John Grant is called GMF

the chorus reminds me of these scum in the Tory party the Greatest Mother Fuckers that you’re ever gonna meet…