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Pots and pans protests have spread across the world in recent years, having emerged in South America in the 1970s. Just over a Hundred attended the event in Cardiff, with further protests planned across the UK, particularly the Tory Conference, Manchester, in October.

Previous Pots and Pans Protests include Iceland’s ‘Kitchenware Revolution’ 2008-9.

However, the start of the country’s massive financial crisis pushed Torfason back to action. On October 11, he began standing in front of the Reykjavik parliament with a microphone.

Passersby were invited to talk about their dissatisfaction with the freefall of their country, to speak their minds.
Over the next five months, these sessions turned into open meetings and rallies every Saturday afternoon. Three claims predominated: resignation of the government, resignation of the board of the National Bank, and resignation of the board of monetary authorities.

Torfason spoke about the variety of strategies and tactics used during the protests, from direct, yet respectful, letter-writing and meetings with politicians to what was dubbed the “kitchenware revolution”: banging pots and pans in protest, known as cacerolazo in Argentina.

This culminated in late January 2009 with thousands of people protesting for days on end, resulting in the collapse of the Icelandic government’.

The Cardiff People’s Assembly cacerolazo was a really energising experience to be part of, 90 minutes of cacophonous drumming and anti TORY speeches. My friend has filmed some amazing footage that should be great to see back. Enjoyed the rhythms it was a great way to protest.

Organiser Adam Johannes said:

Thanks everyone who came down to the castle to make some noise about poverty and inequality, and rattle some pots and pans. Hope that the “people’s percussion’ will become a mainstay of all protests from now on!i

While it was a fun evening the wave of austerity coming is serious and we will need to get organised. Please join our facebook group to stay networked, and post any photo’s or footage and/or email to be added to our mailing list.

See you on the streets!

image Ms Charlotte Church and family.



The People’s Percussion were amazing, totally spontaneous rhythm and all together.

I It will spread the message, guaranteed to get people enthused and energised.
If nothing else, very cathartic smashing the fuck out of something to the ad-Lib rhythm of “No More Tory Cuts”… Or in my mind… GIDEON IS A C*NT!


weapons of mass percussion




We were asked by the organisers of the Facebook group to bring a pot, a pan, a ladle, a lid, a spoon, to create an anti-austerity cacophony!

On 8th of July, the Tory government announced an emergency budget. But, We are already in a state of emergency! Last year 10,000 residents of Cardiff were forced to use food banks.

One in four parents in Wales have skipped meals for days and gone without food to feed their families.

This emergency budget will hurt communities. This budget will hurt you, and your neighbours.

It includes approx £12 billion cuts in welfare and more austerity. Austerity is IDEOLOGIGAL, a smash and grab raid by the rich on the rest the UK population. The under 25s have especially been targeted by swingeing cuts. Everything from schools to our NHS are being treated as resources to be exploited.

This government was elected by 24% of the population.

This government is continuing to destroy the precious fabric of our communities.

The point is to make a noise about this. This noise represents the 76% who did not vote Tory.

As much as they try to destroy communities, we want to rebuild.

We are the 76%
We are Cardiff People’s Assembly.
We want to create a community of voices.
The weapons of mass percussion!


People power wins.

People have often said; “you can’t just ignore Europe, you can’t just do what you want”.

Well, in desperate times, a sovereign people can indeed do what they damn well want!

61percent of the people of Greece voted “OXI” or No!

What did this mean? Well…

A quick summary of the GREECE issue

Obviously, this is not too dissimilar to what is happening in Britain with the advent of Chancellor Gideon “Cokehead” Osbourne’s austerity budget on Wednesday July 8th, except that UK voters masochistically voted for yet more hammering by the elite bankers propping up the Tories!

Compare the Greek debt (about 370 billion) – which the European Troika and international banks are refusing to write off – with the amounts of money received by those same banks from taxpayers in bailouts:

compare Greek debt to banks

The debt that these banks have accrued have been as a result of repeated Quantitative Easing, in effect the (Rothschild’s) US Federal Reserve Bank creating electronic money out of thin air!

Piling on the hypocrisy (a great word of Greek origin) Germany has never paid its external debt, and is directly profiting from Greece’s woes. – Who says?

Thomas Piketty. The Author of the best selling economics book of the 21st century so far, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the Piketty is considered one of the most influential economists in the world.

I this interview with German newspaper Die Zeit View at

translated into English from Piketty forcefully challenges the German position and calls for an international conference on Debt.

It is estimated that Germany actually OWES Greece 11Billion Euros since in 1943, Germany forced the Bank of Greece to lend it two loans worth 11 billion euros equivalent in today’s money and has never made any reparations. However, this money is not war reparations, which are a separate and much more complex issue. The debt is a straightforward loan from Greece to Germany – albeit a forced one – which the Germans have not bothered to repay.

All kinds of walks of life are being hit by vicious ideological austerity cuts and organisations such as Cardiff’s People’s Assembly have asked to stand in solidarity with the people of Greece at demonstrations on Wednesday timed to coincide with George Osbourne’s emergency budget. Cardiff P.A has organised a “WEAPONS OF MASS PERCUSSION” DEMO where everyone is encouraged to bring pots, pans and something to BANG them with. I intend going. Pictures to follow no doubt.

weapons of mass percussion

In the meantime, look beyond the headlines of the mainstream bullshit media. Solidarity with the people of Greece! #OXI!

The following is a link to a blog exposing the lies we are being told about the situation in Greece.