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In a consumer society, social life is not about living, but about having.

The spectacle uses “image” to convey what people must need and must have… material needs, not biological needs.

Consequently, consumer life moves further, leaving a state of “having” and proceeding into a state of “appearing”; namely, “the appearance of the image.”

The spectacle’s social function is the concrete manufacture of alienation.

Economic expansion consists primarily of the expansion of this particular sector of industrial production.

The “growth” generated by an economy developing for its own sake can be nothing other than a growth of the very alienation that was at its origin.”
– paraphrased from Guy Debord, 1973.
For me this explains the basis of marketing spin, propaganda and advertising to create the hype – the peer pressure of social living is what creates need.


Debord wrote;

“The spectacle is capital accumulated to the point that it becomes images.”

Here he references Marx.

Debord’s analysis of time itself is as a series of epochs:

such ‘pseudo-festivities’ as sporting events (the Olympics springs to mind), act to convince the denizens of the Spectacle that they are still living in a cyclical and eternal go-round, while only the anointed few, the celebrities, are imbued with the attributes of money and power that signify the ability to make choices – to progress into a better future.

“Being a star,” Debord writes, “means specialising in the seemingly lived.”


I just came across this video in relation to Marx and alienation… 


Will Self – Guy Debord’s accurate prediction of the Shit we’re in!