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I attended a march with my youngest son earlier this evening.

National News media webpage WALES Online contains latest newspaper edition of the story and further photo gallery of our UNITED VALLEYS ACTION GROUP opencast protest.

Around 60 protesters headed to Caerphilly County Borough Council’s headquarters in a bid to stop plans for an open cast coal mine. A mocked-up court trial was held by protectors who are demanding action to stop the death of the valleys.

United Valleys Action Group Nant Llesg Protectors turned out for the mock ‘trial’ at Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Ty Penallta headquarters aiming to stop the plan which would destroy the historic moorland, the CADW listed Dowlais free drainage system, remove Rhas Las pond an important arctic avian migration route and remove the top of mountain in the Rhymney Valley close to the village of Fochriw.

Miller Argent says their project, would see six to nine million tonnes of coal mined over a period of 17 years, and would bring several jobs to the area. However, campaigners have stated that a Net loss of jobs, predominantly those of women employed in nearby factories that would never be recovered.

Neighbouring cosmetics firm Richards & Appleby, which employs 140 local people, has said it would have to move its manufacturing department if the opencast goes ahead because of the pollution.

The plans have been met with strong opposition , and 5,793 objection letters were presented to the council in October by locals who are concerned about the environmental impact the mine would have, as well as the amount of coal dust and pollution it would create.

The campaigners gathered around the council headquarters at Penallta House, in Ystrad Mynach. The protest featured caricatures of a judge and barristers and vicar, with the Grim Reaper attending a coffin and a noose.

Member of the community John Hughes, who lives 600 metres from the proposed site, was one of those taking part in the procession.

He said: “The plans would see the company digging a hole hundreds of metres deep which would lead to so much dust, noise and pollution.

“The council is always urging us to be green and talking about the benefits that this has, but this opencast would have the opposite affect on us all.”

Fochriw resident Eddy Blanche has decided to run as an Independent Parliamentary candidate, and made an impassioned speech

Eddy Blanche delivers his first political speech 
as an Independent Parliamentary candidate for Rhymney 
and Merthyr Tydfil. Well Done Ed', a very honest, 
heartfelt speech.

Ecologist Jim Davies has studied the impact the opencast plans would have on local wildlife.

He said: “This mine would see the end of Rhas Las Pond, which is actually a key site for birds migrating from the Arctic down to Africa.”

“We feel that you can’t mess with this delicately balanced environment as it harms the whole ecosystem and we shouldn’t risk that.”

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s decision on the application is imminent, but no official date has been set for a vote as yet.

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Excellent bit of news.

United Valleys Action Group – UVAG protests reported on World

Does anyone want to collaborate on a creative writing and art project?

I’ve had an idea to update the legendary poem “the Bells Of Rhymni” by Idris Davies of Rhymney. Covered in song by Pete Seeger, The Byrds, The Alarm and many, many others…

And write it as a VENT or LAMENT about local issues such as the closure of the “sad road through Ponty'” a.k.a the A469.
We could comment on Miller Argent & the proposed open cast and mountain top removal of Nant LLESG, our threatened community schools, the lost Pontlottyn community centre, the lack of spirit in the community, the loss of businesses, the local paper office shutting and moving to Cardiff …
Anything that’s grinding your gears really???
It just needs to be in a rhyming couplet!

I then want to try and use it as a theme for some art works.

Bollocks to that talentless Swansea Jack, Dylan Thomas. – Who He? Lol!

Here is the bulletin from yesterday’s ITV WALES NEWS:

Families and businesses in a valleys community have hit out at road works which are forcing them to drive an extra half an hour to complete what was once a three mile journey. The A469 has been shut since the beginning of February due to a landslide and burst water mains.

A draft of my new poem:

Tribute to Idris

20 March 2014

What will they pay, Mumsy?
said the Royal who went to Rhymney.

Endless slices of NHS pie,
said the Suit from the PFI.

Oh why won’t you fix me?
Sighed the sad road through Ponty.

Just give us a sign,
cried empty shops on the A469.

Why so long to fill a hole in?
say the shopkeepers of Pontlottyn.

They don’t seem to be eager,
said the  school kids of New Tredegar.

NEVERMORE another mine,
mourned the ghosts of Pantywaun.

Miller Argent will mock you,
Warned the village of Fochriw.

They will close our schools for good,
and remove the heart from Abertysswg.

Greedy bastards with fat stomachs,
are those councillors at Ystrad Mynach.

They rape the land and cause distress,
mourn the wildlife of Nant Llesg.

We will cut short their laughter,
When we march on Penallta.